Judith Herzberg, 1934 (English)

Arnon Grunberg announced on the front page of de Volkskrant on 30 January 2018 that if he had to choose someone in the Netherlands for the Nobel Prize in Literature, it would be Judith Herzberg. Few would disagree about her impressive track record in the literary world. Still active, she is the author of poems, plays and libretti, essays and collections of letters, screenplays and television plays, as well as various shorter prose texts and a children’s book – an oeuvre that now numbers some fifty titles in Dutch. There are dozens of studies and other discussions on her work, not only in the Dutch-speaking world, but in the German-speaking area as well, where she has also made a name for herself. In the Netherlands, she is especially celebrated for her poetry, which has sometimes overshadowed her dramatic work. Even less well known are her translations and adaptations, which can be regarded as an interesting and vital part of her literary activity. We therefore put the spotlight on them and relate them to her other work.

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