Estella Dorothea Salomea Hertzveld, 1837-1881 (English)

All but forgotten today, Estella Hertzveld is only known to a small group of fans of nineteenth-century literature through her original poetry, which is bundled in in Gedichten (1881). Lesser known still are her translations, which mainly include poetry by English, Norwegian, German and American writers. Although there were only seven publications in all, they are of immense cultural-historical value in that they shed light on nineteenth-century Jewish literary culture in Europe and the role that women played in this. Her main source of inspiration was the English writer Grace Aguilar (1816-1847), who published stories, poems and reflections on the Jewish faith. Together with her sister Maria Hertzveld (1839-1909), who took care of the works of prose, Hertzveld produced translations of literary authors. The sisters also collaborated on translations of texts about Jewish emancipation.

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